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How We Are Different From Others?

Quality… Real Quality, Usually Means…EXPENSIVE


When you receive our products, you will be pleased to find that there’s something unusual about them! Not only will you realize the quality of every aspect and component of our seeds, packaging, information, and service, you will also immediately know that your money was well spent, and that’s always a good feeling!

Real Quality and Real Value…are our products!

Seeds are a product which the full value is not realized upon purchase. Seeds are just the beginning of an adventure! Our heirloom seeds will give you the best chance for success far and above any other seeds on the market! How can we make this claim? Through experience. 

We have chosen the best sources of seed producers who have the highest viability and germination rates available. And, believe me, we have eliminated some producers who’s seeds were well below acceptable quality, but they’re still distributing their seeds! 

We regularly receive emails from our loyal customers telling of their gardening success with our seeds, and we will continue to provide the best seeds, containers, information, and service for years to come. You can be confident that our seeds come from the finest seed producers, have been staged and packaged in our climate controlled facility, and have been packaged with the highest of standards and the very best materials!

100% Non Hybrid, Non GMO Seeds

We only sell 100% Non GMO / Non Hybrid Seeds. We have pledged to only sell seeds that have not been altered by genetics tampering, and have signed the Safe Seed Pledge through The Council for Responsible Genetics!

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