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4 Advantages of Going Heirloom

There’s been a recent buzz about heirloom gardening. However, the reality is it’s been around for many years. The very beauty of heirloom gardening is growing, saving replanting seeds older than the ‘50s and preserving a heritage for future generations.

Heirloom gardening welcomes us to a ton of benefits. If you’re just getting into it, allow us to excite you even more.

Below are 4 Advantages of Going Heirloom:

 1. Heirloom Seeds yield more nutritious produce

Heirloom seeds are scientifically proven to produce a more nutritious harvest. Whether you’re planting fruits or vegetables, you are guaranteed to consume or sell top-notch quality. You also have the peace of mind that you are providing only the finest, natural ingredients to your customers and your families.

Let’s take heirloom broccoli for example. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in 1950, “broccoli contained nearly 13 milligrams of calcium per gram of dry weight.” Today, most broccoli contain an average of four milligrams of calcium per gram of dry weight. That’s a major drop in nutritional value!

2. It gives us full control over what we grow

 Many of what you buy from the store are GMO’s or hybrids. More and more GMO companies feed their harvest with chemicals to boost the process. What you have are chemically-altered crops that may impose illnesses. You no longer have the privilege of enjoying the tastiest, freshest and most nutritious produce.

The good news is heirloom gardening allows you to have full control over what you grow. From the plants to the fertilizers, you know fully well what goes in and out and what you’re about to eat. You don’t have to worry about catching any illnesses from consuming more chemicals than nutrients. Now, you have a shot at living a healthier life.

3. It’s an embodiment of history

Heirloom seeds are passed from one family/community to the next. It’s been a movement that has existed for countless years, which adds to its charm and value. Planting heirloom seeds means paying homage to our gardening heritage; to our ancestors who have practiced a nurturing movement.

Once you have a better sense of the cultural value of heirloom gardening, you will quickly realize the importance of your contribution. Just think: You have the chance to pass on a unique gift to your children, and so forth. You are teaching them the joys of growing your own.

4. It’s an incredible investment

One of the wonders of going heirloom is that you can save the seeds quickly. Sure, they may come with quite a steep price tag at first. However, these open-pollinating seeds make it convenient for you to save, store and replant them next season.

Heirloom seeds are a gift that keeps on giving. Once you’ve invested in them once, you never have to buy these seeds again. It won’t only save you money in the long run. It will also help you improve profit if you’ve decided to make heirloom your livelihood.

We wish you the best of luck in growing your first ever heirloom garden! May these benefits continue to boost and inspire you to eat and live better.

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